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Why Rally for Hunter Offshore Wind?

Updated: Jan 30

The future of the Hunter region and Australia is at a crossroads, and the consequences, if we make the wrong choices, are dire.

Electricity shortages and blackouts.

Job shortages and economic struggle.

Environmental destruction and climate disaster.

We're running out of time to develop renewable energy industry.

That’s why environmentalists, Unions, and local business groups are calling for the responsible development of Hunter offshore wind. 

Offshore wind offers unparalleled benefit to the Hunter region, providing us with:

  • Energy that is renewable and in ample supply to meet our needs in the future.

  • Industry that can foster quality, secure jobs and develop a prosperous local economy.

  • Electricity that is affordable and increasingly cheaper.

Unfortunately, a few loud voices are trying to derail these vital efforts to plan for our future, for political gain. The public conversation has been aggressively dominated by rampant misinformation propagated by the Coalition, who are escalating efforts to obstruct the progress of renewable energy initiatives all across Australia by sowing confusion and division.

Worryingly, they’re advocating for nuclear development and expansion in our communities

Our community deserves better. We deserve safe, renewable energy, and we deserve quality jobs and opportunities for workers.

It’s more important than ever that we stand together, for our communities and the climate. That’s why we’re asking you to join us for the Community Rally for Hunter Offshore Wind.

Community Rally for Hunter Offshore Wind

When: Sunday, February 4, 11 am

Where: Railway Sheds, Newcastle Foreshore

How You Can Help:

RSVP: Confirm your attendance and let us know you're standing with us for a sustainable future.

Share the Event: Spread the word on social media, email this article, and let your network know about the rally. Print out the event poster here 

Bring Friends: Encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to join us. We need as many people as possible to send a strong message of our support!


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