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Why Unions support Hunter Offshore Wind

Hunter Workers, representing Unions across the region, welcomes plans to establish Hunter offshore wind energy industry.


Unions recognise Hunter offshore wind as a rare opportunity to establish a thriving economic future that benefits workers and their communities, providing abundant, quality jobs, career transition opportunities, and widespread economic growth and opportunity, as well as meeting our energy needs while reducing carbon emissions.


We strongly believe that community involvement is key to ensuring the best outcomes for workers from offshore wind industry development, yet that this fundamental component is being derailed by the proliferation of mis- and disinformation motivated by political opportunism. 

We are committed to ensuring the needs and interests of workers are prioritised into the future as the Hunter region’s economy and industry evolves and develops.

Who are we?

Formerly known as Newcastle Trades Hall Council, Hunter Workers has been the central organisation for workers and Union members in the Hunter Region since 1869.


Today we continue to campaign for the social and industrial advancement of working people, representing 64,000+ Union members from 24 local Unions.

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