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Terms of Use

All content contained on the Hunter Offshore Wind website is the property of Hunter Workers and may only be re-used under the following circumstances.

  1. For non-commercial purposes, the content on this website may be re-used in a manner which is considered reasonable, provided due attribution is given to Hunter Workers. It is also expected that any information which is used in this manner will be used in a manner which does not imply the endorsement of Hunter Workers without the express written consent of Hunter Workers.

  2. Commercial use of any of the content contained on this site may only be permitted with the consent of Hunter Workers.

  3. The use of content on this website for the purposes of study or research are considered to be acceptable, provided due attribution is given to Hunter Workers. Care should also be given to adhere to the legal provisions contained in the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) s 40.

Reasonable care has been taken in the production of this website. If you have any concerns in relation to the content on this site please contact Hunter Workers Secretary Leigh Shears at for his immediate attention. Content may be changed at any time.

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