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Hunter Offshore Wind:
Let's talk about it

The future Hunter region needs more energy, more jobs, and more opportunity.
An area off the coast of the Hunter has been declared as suitable for future offshore wind development because Hunter offshore wind could be the solution.

Mythbusting Hunter Offshore Wind

"Will wind farms tower over the coast?"

Will the Hunter offshore wind farm be visible at the beach? Will the wind turbines be visible from the shore?  

"Is wind power an effective source of energy?"

 Is offshore wind power reliable?

Will Hunter offshore wind be a reliable energy source? 

"Will wind turbines threaten birds?"

Will wind turbines kill birds in the Hunter and Port Stephens? Is Hunter offshore wind a threat to birds?

"Will wind power affect whales and dolphins?"

Will wind turbines kill whales and dolphins off the Hunter and Port Stephens? Are offshore wind farms a threat to whales and dolphins?

"Will fishing be impacted by offshore wind?

 Will offshore wind farms ruin fishing in the Hunter? Should fishers/anglers be worried about Hunter offshore wind?

"Will housing prices be affected?

Will offshore wind farms affect housing prices in the Hunter? 

leigh portrait_edited.jpg
Leigh Shears

Hunter Workers Secretary

"Hunter offshore wind is an incredible opportunity for the creation of quality jobs and energy security while enormously reducing our impact on the environment. 


We are committed to ensuring workers and communities win the best possible outcomes and maximum benefits from emerging industry."


Jacqui Mumford profile_edited.jpg
Jacqui Mumford

NSW Nature Conservation Council CEO

"When done right, offshore wind is a huge part of the solution to climate change. It causes significantly less environmental impact than offshore oil and gas drilling, and is subject to strict environmental regulations. 


Offshore wind presents a huge opportunity for local communities and will have positive environmental outcomes assessed and located appropriately."

The ongoing challenges to our natural environment, marine ecosystems and energy security caused by the continued climate crisis has motivated local organisations representing workers, environmentalists, communities, and businesses to advocate for and advance the responsible development of Offshore Wind off the Hunter Coast.

Our aim is to maximise local secure jobs, environmental protections, community benefits, energy security, new sustainable industries and economic prosperity across the Hunter Region.

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Suburb Neighbourhood
I support Hunter Offshore Wind because...

"... I want a better future for my kids and their families." - Linda

"... There is more danger to marine life from gas projects and the heating of the oceans." - Louise

"... I see it being the best alternative supply option available to compensate for the demise of the coal fired power stations along with the increasing electricity needs from our growing population." - Desmond

"...Offshore wind is a game changer for action on climate change, which is ultimately the biggest threat to our oceans." - Tim

"...This industry will create jobs and decarbonise the energy system - offshore wind is a win-win." - Phil

“...We are at a tipping point, and I am an old fart who is trying to provide a future for our kids and their kids." John

We need to work together to plan our best future. Sign up to hear first about information sessions and stalls, forums, important updates, and more.

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We need to work together to plan our best future. Sign up to hear first about information sessions and stalls, forums, important updates, and more.

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With the right planning, assessment, and investment, we can power our future without harming the planet.

Offshore wind development can create good, secure Union jobs, transition opportunities for workers in traditional industries, and apprenticeships.

Great for workers

Offshore wind generation will contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions, ultimately combating climate change and rising ocean temperatures while protecting our precious marine ecosystems.

Great for the planet

Offshore wind development could create 3,120+ construction jobs & 1,560+ ongoing operational jobs, boosting the local community and economic prosperity.

Great for the Hunter
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