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Feasibility license awarded for Hunter offshore wind

Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen has announced a preliminary feasibility license has been awarded to the Oceanex-Equinor partnership, moving Hunter offshore wind a step closer to becoming reality. The license covers an area located 20 kilometres out from the coast of primarily Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, avoiding Port Stephens.


A map of Hunter offshore wind zone allocation
Map shows where the proposed project would be located

Hunter Workers, the central organisation for workers in the Hunter region, welcomes the project and its myriad benefits for workers. If successful, the Hunter offshore wind project will create thousands of jobs while supporting local manufacturing, skills development, and economic diversity for our region.


Hunter Workers is satisfied that Oceanex-Equinor and the government have demonstrated their commitment to working closely with Unions to ensure maximum benefit for the community.  


Speaking with the Newcastle Herald, Oceanex chief executive Andy Evans said, “We want to make sure kids and future generations have something to aspire to and those working in existing industries that are near the end of their life have opportunities to stay in the region and work.”


The awarding of the feasibility license means that Oceanex-Equinor will now conduct a thorough process of assessment, consultation, and planning. This will involve detailed environmental assessment, surveying, and the development of a management plan.  


Following this process, Oceanex-Equinor may decide to apply for a commercial license to begin construction, which would then be carefully assessed and considered by the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water.


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