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Hunter Workers fights offshore wind disinformation

Hunter Workers have published an information flyer outlining the facts about Hunter offshore wind in response to an alarming surge of misinformation being propagated by disingenuous actors.

The flyer, accessible on the Hunter Workers website, aims to set the record straight on key aspects of the offshore wind development and dispel the lies and inaccuracies circulating online and in the community.

The Liberals, Nationals and One Nation continue to campaign aggressively against Hunter offshore wind, claiming concern for the environment despite a long, ongoing record of environmental disregard.


Leigh Shears, Hunter Workers Secretary:

“Offshore wind is an incredible opportunity for the creation of quality jobs and energy security while enormously reducing our impact on the environment.

We are committed to ensuring workers and communities win the best possible outcomes and maximum benefits from emerging industry.


Hunter Workers recognises the political opportunism at play here which is why we are appalled, but not surprised, by Dutton and Barnaby's obvious political campaign to create confusion and division amongst our working-class communities.


Hunter Workers will continue to work closely and productively with working communities, community groups and the business sector to facilitate informed, fact-based conversation and decision making.”


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