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Peter Dutton announces shaky nuclear plan, ignoring experts

Peter Dutton smiling in front of a nuclear power plant
Peter Dutton is happily ignoring experts to back nuclear

In a reckless effort to obstruct renewables, the Coalition has announced a shaky plan to roll out publicly funded nuclear power plants across Australia, including one in the Hunter, despite expert consensus against the viability of nuclear.

Shamelessly ignoring key findings by the CSIRO, Peter Dutton falsely claimed nuclear energy would save Australians money despite the electricity costing 50% more than renewables. He also refused to admit the projected cost for the project, which scientists say could cost upwards of half a trillion in taxpayer dollars to fund.


Very conveniently for Dutton, the nuclear plan would constrain and devastate renewable projects and drastically extend our reliance on non-renewables in the extremely long construction process, all while endangering workers, consuming billions of litres from our precious water supply, and producing toxic nuclear waste with no viable plan for storage.


Planning our future power generation is a vast and important task for Australia, impacting workers, communities, the economy, and the environment, and must be backed by science and taken seriously. Peter Dutton and the Coalition should hang their heads in shame.


You can learn more about why nuclear power doesn’t make sense for Australia, and sign up to the campaign for a No Nuclear Future, here:


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